Skype Stuff

Here are some applications I have developed more or less quickly for the Skype users' needs.

Although I have tested each application on my own computer, use it at your own risk. By clicking the big red button below and downloading one of these applications, you become the only responsible for its consequences.

Without any mention, download and use for personnal and non-commercial use are free.
It should work on Windows XP, Vista, Server and Seven, 32 and 64-bit. It require Skype4COM and the Microsoft.NET 4 Framework
If a crash occured, each application copy an error report in the clipboard. You can send it to me via the Contact form. Fill it in and paste the report as message.


Automaticly modify your online status based on the day of the week and the time

Why? On a user request
Download version Exe 2015.03.25.0018 (96.5 KB)


Start video automatically for outgoing call

Why? There is no option to do that in the Windows version of Skype
Download version Exe 2013.02.05.2113 (75 KB)

Avatar extractor

Extract profil avatar

Why? You have lost the original file and you want it back
Download version Exe 2012.06.05.1438 (116 KB)


Find and add contacts to your Skype contacts list. Import Gmail, Live/Hotmail contacts or from a file

Why? Sometime antivirus, firewall or parental control block access to the add contact form. Skype don't support Gmail/Live/Hotmail contacts import anymore.
Download version Exe 2013.02.12.0141 (82.5 KB)

Blocked user manager

-Unlock easily one or more blocked contacts
-Export the list of blocked users to a text file

Why? A user wanted to remove all its blocked contacts but Skype only allows to delete them one by one.
Download version Exe 2013.12.07.1404 (27.5 KB)

DTMF Sender

A numeric keypad that sends the sound of keys ("Star Press to continue")

Why? Some Skype versions doesn't integrate this keybpad
Download version Exe 2011.07.12.1617 (27 KB)

Email alert

Alert when you have new email

Why? Skype for desktop don't alert when there is new e-mail on the Microsoft account(Live/Hotmail/MSN)
Download version Exe 2013.05.08.0111 (702.5 KB)

Group Blocker

Block/Unblock list in 2 clic

Why? To appear offline for some people.
Download version Exe 2013.02.05.2113 (104.5 KB)

Phone number changer

change profile phone numbers

Why? A business user wants to display an internal phone number but Skype add a country code.
Download version Exe 2011.07.12.1617 (218.5 KB)

Internal Ringer

Don't work on Windows 7 64 bits. Ring the internal speaker of the computer when receiving a call. Very useful if you have a headset connected

Why? This option has disappeared from Skype 5.x
Download version Exe 2013.02.05.2113 (126.5 KB)

Mass Authorization Decliner

Rejects all pending contact request and optionaly blocks the contact

Why? Skype only allows to reject contact request one by one.
Download version Exe 2012.04.05.2118 (111.5 KB)


Allow to put Skype in silent Mode. Prevent back to desktop while playing.

Why? This mode is not accessible thru the UI, only thru API
Download version Exe 2013.05.01.2300 (127.5 KB)

Speed dial configurator

Assign speed dial numbers to contacts

Why? Some USB phones need these numbers to work. The interface of Skype does not allow this allocation but the kernel still suppport it
Download version Exe 2012.04.05.2118 (80.5 KB)


Script that starts Skype then change immediately change your online status

Why? On a user request
Download version Zip 2015.04.27.1910 (1.87 KB)


What I'm Listening On Winamp in my mood message
The original mood message is restored on pause or stop.

Why? I cant remember why I wrote this program...
Download version Exe 2011.07.12.1617 (442.5 KB)

Info :

Skype Stuff is an independent site. Its only purpose is to make available applications I developed for Skype users to the Skype community. This site is not affiliated to Skype, or any other company.

Who I am

Skype user for many years, French translator and betatesters of Skype for Windows, community moderator, I am not a Skype employee. I'm just a passionate user who want to make this powerful tool more accessible and help users.